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We’re Careful and Discreet with Your Package

Express Alliance Courier has successfully provided professional courier and messenger services in Southern California for over 10 years. Listed below, you can see the services that we provide; the prices are broken down by distance, urgency and quantity. For urgent and larger quantity deliveries, the cost will be more. For special request or rates, please call the Delivery Coordinator. They will let you know our capability and can negotiate a final price to meet your needs.

Deliver to Airports, Airport Cargo Facilities, Military Base, Businesses, Residents, Government Facilities, Refineries, Combination Access Secured Facilities and many more.

Services counter to counter, scheduled or emergency medical routes, court filings, night delivery, COD (collect on delivery), we pay Forklift fees up front and charge back to customers.

To Place A Delivery you can simply call to speak with the Delivery Coordinator, fax, or e-mail with all the information required. Rest assure that your delivery order, no matter how small, it will be handled in the most professional and caring manner. When you schedule a delivery, a tracking number will be generated so you can always track the shipment.

ASAP (As Soon As Possible) deliveries of shipments will be handled with extreme urgency, ASAP are not to be combined with other deliveries. The driver will pick up and deliver non-stop. The dispatch will help by assigning the best route, avoiding traffic and accidents. The minimum charge for ASAP service is $30 per stop. The cost from 1-40 miles is $2.50 per mile and 41-60 miles, the cost is $2.25 per mile.

Regular suggest shipment to be picked up and delivered within 2 1/2 hours. For this service the order must be called in and ready for pick-up before 2:30pm, Monday - Friday. For this service the minimum cost is $25. The cost from 1-40 miles is $2.20 per mile and 41-75 miles, the cost is $2.00 per mile.

Economy suggest shipment to be picked up and delivered within 4 1/2 hours. For this service, the delivery must be called in and ready for pick-up by 12:30 pm, Monday- Friday. The minimum cost for this service is $15. The cost from 1-60 miles is $1.50 per mile.

8 hour Service guarantees delivery that business day. To ensure the service rate for this service, the order must be placed and ready for pick up by 10:00am that day. You can also schedule days in advance. Service is available Monday- Friday. The minimum cost is $11.00. The cost from 1-75 miles is $1.10 per mile.

Distribution and Routed Delivery rates are priced per stop(s) or flat rated. For instant rates, please call Express Alliance Courier and ask to speak to the Delivery Coordinator.

20 Years of On-Time Deliveries Within the Signal Hill and Beyond